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Fusion Line Card Interoperability

Older Fusion SFP line cards("SFP-16A") are not interoperable with the newer version SFP or QSFP line cards, you can only run with 1,2 or 3 bays of the older SFP version. 
You can run your Fusion with a mix of the newer SFP  ("SFP-16B") and QSFP line cards.

An older Fusion SFP line card is identified as having a hardware type of "LC10G-03" and version string of "SFP-16A"

To view which version of the line cards are installed from physically looking at a Fusion look for the version string "SFP-16A" or "SFP-16B" on the arm of the line card.

(See pictures below)

To view which version of line cards are installed from within the Fusion software run the 'show version' command.

Line card A │
----------- │
Hardware type : LC10G-03

Line card B │
----------- │
Hardware type : LC10G-03 

Line card C │
----------- │
Hardware type : LC10G-03 

Reference table:

Hardware type  |  Version String
LC10G-03         |   SFP-16A
LC10G-04         |   SFP-16B
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