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ExaNIC "Rollover timer fired at an unexpected time" message

The "Rollover timer fired at an unexpected time" message is a warning message from the ExaNIC driver code that extends the 32 bit time provided by the ExaNIC to 64 bits, which works by setting a timer to fire when the time counter is expected to wrap around.

  1. If you only see this message once, then it is most likely caused by another process like NTP or PTP that has to adjust the clock by a large amount in particular, at startup.
  2. If you see these messages are occurring sporadically and take a bit to recover it might be another process is adjusting the clock or high system load is causing timers to get delayed.
  3. If you see these messages continuously and the rollover timeout is off by almost exactly the same amount every time this suggests a clock is running either too fast or too slow. Note that some Linux kernels (4.9.0, fixed in 4.14.15) used an incorrect TSC rate for Intel Skylake Xeon CPUs - if you're running one of these CPUs, you should check your kernel version. For CentOS/RHEL kernels, this was fixed in 3.10.0-862.2.3.
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