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modprobe: FATAL: Module exanic not found - dkms

This error message "modprobe: FATAL: Module exanic not found" can be caused by two issues, when using the exanic driver delivered by dkms:-

  1. If the module is built for the running kernel and the system cannot find it to load into the system, in which case depmod -a
  2. If the module has not been built by dkms, this can be checked by dkms status, if the output does not return installed then the module can be built manually using dkms:-
    dkms build -m exanic -v <version>
    dkms install -m exanic -v <version>
    modprobe -v exanic

If the above steps completed successfully then exanic-config should now work.

There are pre-requisites for dkms to work successfully kernel-devel should be installed for the running kernel version.
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