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Setup for operating BGP in a Fusion environment.

In this example, there are four servers: A and B are physically attached to the Fusion, while C and D are connected to a BGP router.

Servers A and B and Router A and Router B are connected through a Fusion mux object in "raw mode".

Routers A and B operate a BGP client which peer together and exchange advertised networks.

When transmitting, servers A and B spoof their source MAC address to be that of Router B for all outgoing traffic, which causes them to appear to Router A

as if they are connected to Router B, even though they are not.

Incoming traffic from the upstream (Router A) is broadcast to servers A, B and Router B and relies on the IP level to drop misdirected data.

Server A and B should set a static ARP entry for Router A.

Server A and B should set a default static route for traffic to be directed through the mux to Router A.

The servers should then have sufficient information to transmit data to Router A.

BGP workaround

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