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Fusion Fan and Temperature Sensors and Setting thresholds and SNMP traps

The following thresholds in degrees Celsius are set in our software:
 Mainboard: target=40, alert=50, critical=70 (deg C)
 Crosspoint: target=60, alert = 70, critical = 80 (deg C)
 Linecards: target=50, alert=55, critical=70 (deg C)

The Fusion software will attempt to regulate the fan speed such that none of the temp sensors go above the "target" temperature.

It is worth noting that if the lid is removed whilst the power is on the fusion will drive the fans to max speed.

Generally setting a threshold within customer software (e.g. when probing the temp sensors via the API) we suggest using the "alert" values listed

Regarding the SNMP Traps
1. The device has upper limits for temperature where alert logs & traps are generated. 
2. The device has a tamper sensor for the lid of the product to identify if the unit has been opened. This trap will return true if the lid is currently open.
3. The fan trap will return true when a fault is detected with the fan.
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